• Artist Name : Jupiter Virus
  • Genre: Alternative, Indie, Rock
  • Location: Gothenburg Sweden
  • Biography: 

    Jupiter Virus music is alternative rock with elements of classical orchestral music and blues. All of this is gathered into stories of people’s vulnerability, grief and survival, as well as their need to tell their own stories no matter what they are. Here are the stories of the boy whose girlfriend committed suicide, the lonely, the mentally ill and the socially vulnerable.

    Jupiter Virus is inspired by Nick Cave and his ability to convey stories of love in both black and rose-colored brush strokes through his music. Tom Waits for his ability to capture atmospheres and emotions as well as his experimentation with different types of musical instruments and moods.

    Jupiter Virus world is dark and is located on the border between misery and madness. Allowing our darker feelings to come forward and take place, to recognize them as their own, without fear or shame, is not just something that should be done, but a must. This is the recurring theme in Jupiter Virus not so cute world.

Front figure behind Jupiter Virus is Nicholas Bergling – a multi artist with roots back in the 1980’s punk rock movement and has been working with music creation ever since, now active as Jupiter Virus. 

  • Album “Secrets And Sad Goodbyes”, released 2019-05-31





  • Single “Helpless In The City”, released 2019-05-24






  • Single “This Is For Real”, released 2019-05-17







  • Single, “She’s got evil eyes” released 2018-10-26

  • Single, “Behind closed doors” released 2018-11-09

  • Album, “Below the threshold” released 2018-11-23



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